Midland lizard Canary Association


by judge David Allen


I had the pleasure of judging the 2012 Midland Lizard show where I was pleased to see a good entry of 140 Lizards. So I knew I had a good mornings work a head of me. this was proven when the frist class came up the clear cap gold cock class with 14 entries. the best Lizard was to come from this class a really goood quality Lizard, with dark straight spangles and dark legs which I later found to belong to Stan Bolton. this bird was pushed very close to best by a broken cap gold cock of Harry Slater's, this bird just lacked a bit of shoulder  and depth of colour and the legs were a bit paler. but still a good quality lizard and well worthy of 2nd best and also won the largest class of the morning.

best Novice Lizard went to Steve Martin with a Broken Cap gold hen this bird had good ground colour and breastwork but the spangles were not as well defined as the winning champion birds. second best Lizard went to Brian Tomlinson with a non cap gold cock,

The trophy for best Non cap went to Darren Westley with a non cap gold hen a nice bird with good spangles. Darren also had a good team of silvers out if there had been special for best silver darren would have taken it. Best over-year went to Stan Bolton.

The Midland had decieded to follow the LCA's lead and included classes for Stamsin the show, these were stams of 3. The normal stam classes in Europe is of 4 but it is felt that having a stam of 3 might attract more entries.  I decieded to judge the stams using the points system, marking each bird per the standard on a sheet and giving them 4 extra points for harmony.  [harmony points is given for the birds being equal or alike] then adding up the points of all 3 birds giving an overall stam total.

There were 3 stams 2 champion and one Novice stam, the Novice stam was a gold stam but one of the three had a slightly different cap. The 2 champion stams were much more even but the silver stam won the day. this stam had good spangles and were very simliar.

Ireally enjoyed my day juding at the Midlands thankyou to my stewards and to Show manager Chris Jordan.

I am looking forward to next year and showing at this reallly good show.

David Allen.